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Ice Bath & Cold Therapy in Puerto Escondido

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

From Iceland to Mexico!

When people come to the ICE BATH and say, "I hate cold," 🥶 I can say, "I hear you. I hated it too, and then I started to love it!" 🤗

I decided to start my affair with ❄️ ICE ❄️ when I lived in Iceland, and I was getting sick every month. I thought I didn't have much to lose. From what they say, I could only gain a better immune system and strength. But I was terrified.

It was challenging. I took a 3-week course with @andri_iceland and his wife, whom Wim Hof trained.

I would laugh if someone told me that I would enjoy deepening my body in the water with the floating ice. I hated cold so much. 🥶 But that training changed my life and health forever! 😁

Come and join me at @barbarenas on ✅ 8th Oct & ✅ 22nd Oct


2:00 pm Introduction to Cold Therapy - what are the different kinds and benefits and how to proceed with Ice Bath

2:10 pm Wim Hof breathing technique

2:20 pm Box Breathing

2:30 pm 3 min cold immersion in the bath with ice cubes

Depending on the amount of people, usually, everyone can go 2 times.

~ 3:30 pm Closing Circle

Benefits of Cold Therapy:

  • Reduces inflammation and swelling

  • Relieves muscle soreness

  • Alleviates pain and discomfort

  • Enhances muscle recovery

  • Reduces muscle spasms

  • Can improve sleep quality

  • Promotes better circulation

  • May aid in weight loss efforts

  • Can provide relief from certain skin conditions

  • Supports post-injury rehabilitation

P.S. Listen to the podcast with Andri

Learn more about COLD THERAPY & ICE BATHS.

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