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My journey

Hi, I'm Karina! I'm a Wellness Enchantress. I do everything in wellness.

I am a student, instructor, client, holistic health practitioner, copywriter, content creator, retreat facilitator, and podcast host BODY IS A TEMPLE.

I have over ten years of experience as a personal trainer, health coach, and yoga instructor. I aim to inspire and motivate others to live longer and look younger. I am fascinated with holistic health, especially in different breathwork modalities.

I lived in Poland, Iceland, Guatemala, Colombia, and U.S. California. Currently, I found my paradise in Mexico

Before that, I wasn't an example of a healthy lifestyle. I've struggled with physical and mental issues. I wasn't feeling happy en fulfilled. I tried to commit suicide, then partied a lot and not really taking care of myself.

The breakthrough point started when I when to my first yoga class. It was so hard for me, but I didn't give up. Slowly and gradually, my body and mindset started to change. It took many years to transform and change nightclubs into fitness clubs.

Living a holistically healthy life is a journey; establishing new habits and behaviors takes time. Looking back, I can confidently tell that every step on this journey is worth the effort. 

My Journey: About Me
Holistic Health & Wellness Karina Puerto Escondido

Education & Certifications

I have a masters in Multicultural Psychology and Marketing & and management. I've also completed numerous workshops and training related to Holistic Health, Nutrition, Fitness, and Yoga. I'm a certified Personal Trainer.

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